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Beijing DaBeiNong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 2, No. 2, Old Summer Palace West Road, Beijing, Haidian District

Zip code: 100193




Beijing Dabeinong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.(DBNBC) was formed in the beginning of 2011 under the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Ltd.The company's objective is to build a world-class agricultural biotechnology entity. We are committed to develop Ag-biotech products with our own intellectual property right.
In response to global food production challenges, our mission is to bring continued scientific and technological support to corn and soybean planting the world over. We aim to do this through the targeted control of every kind of agricultural weed and insect pest species, constantly expanding our range to combat additional insect pests, insect resistance mechanisms and herbicides, improving agricultural output and reducing the cost of cultivation. At present, our first generation of products basically complete layout of the domestic market and actively seeking to expand in overseas markets.
Our company will be a full-fledged, product development oriented, first-class agricultural R&D entity with 200 researchers led by more than 20 experienced experts.Including 3 national "the Thousand Talents Plan ", 3 "The sea poly project of Beijing overseas talents", 1 zhongguancun "high poly project" expert, 3 "the Star of Beijing science and technology" and so on.
We are aiming at developing the most desirable traits on the main crops of China, and shouldering the responsibility of building up a national seed industry with our intellectual properties. We believe, a strong enterprise will lead to a prosper country. To protect national seed market and food security is our incumbent mission.