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Beijing DaBeiNong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 2, No. 2, Old Summer Palace West Road, Beijing, Haidian District

Zip code: 100193



Our Culture

No.1: Vision and Mission
Vision: Establishing a world-class enterprise in agriculture biotechnology
Mission: Develop Ag-biotech products with our own intellectual property right to ensure the safety of China grain and oils

No.2: Core Concept
Serving the nation and vitalizing agriculture,striving for excellence and mutual development

No.3: View of the times
Being integrated into the trend of the times,global competition and rise of the nation

No.4: Characteristics:
Be optimistic when meeting difficulties and self-motivated

No.5: View of talents
Talents are the unique resource for the development of DBNBC

No.6: Approach to success
Culture management is the most important
Time is the most important cost
Growth is the first objective
Concentration is the major force
Learning is the first ability
Hardship bearing is the first spirit
Communication is the first skill
Integration is the first method
Integrity is the first treasure
Kindheartedness is the first strengh
Being greatful is the first mentality